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About Us


The vision of Grace Community Church is to produce empowered believers by growing them from spiritual birth to spiritual maturity. We as a church will be fully engaged in Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, Service and Fellowship.

We envision a church that is built and nourished on God's Word. Every activity of the church will be Biblically based. The Word of God will be central to our Worship experience and individuals will be taught how to study the Word, apply the Word, and teach the Word to others in order that we might be fully engaged in the Great Commission Jesus gave to the Church to go make disciples, teaching and baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We envision a church that reaches the lost through multiple forms of evangelism and raises the standard of Christian living for the believer.  We will seek to evangelize people from different ethnicities, races, backgrounds, and social levels. We will equip believers with the tools needed to become empowered disciples of Jesus Christ living victoriously in favor. We will be a church that actively engages in church and ministry planting either through the church or by partnering with other churches or organizations.

We envision a church that expresses itself in all out worship. Worship will be a time of excitement and fellowship as believers gather together to lift up the living Savior, Jesus Christ. Worship will be done in an orderly manner under the Holy Spirit's guidance. Worship services will be an encounter that will transform individuals in order that when they have left corporate worship, it will be manifested in the everyday life of the believer as they live with power and purpose.

We envision a church that is engaged in Christian Service. We will use our gifts and talents to ensure that individuals will be taught and given the resources to live full and productive lives to the glory of God.  We will work in partnership with other churches, organizations, governmental agencies, and the private sector to achieve excellence in the projects we undertake and to promote an empowered church and a healthy community of empowered believers.

We envision a church that promotes economic stewardship. We will be fiscally responsible by planning and using wise judgment and counsel. We will demand that fiscal issues must be handled in a timely and effective manner. We will also teach fiscal responsibility and stewardship in order that individuals may experience the fullness of God's blessings while they plant into a church that engages in planting into the lives of individuals through schools, communities, other churches, and different organizations.

The mission of Grace Community Church is to Evangelize non-Christians, to Equip believers, and to Empowered the body of Christ to live productive lives to the glory of God.
Grace Community Church values:

God's Word (Preached and taught)
Reaching the Lost and Raising the standard of living for the Believer (Evangelism and Discipleship)
All Out Worship (Private and Public Worship)
Christian Service (Service that is generated from a heart like Christ's)
Economic Stewardship (Properly handling the Lord's gifts)